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Criminal Defense

Are you in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Prosecutors and Law Enforcement have nearly unlimited resources and the full power of the government to use against you when you are accused of a felony or misdemeanor. Do not go to court alone.  You are likely facing severe consequences such as prison or jail, a strike conviction for serious or violent crimes, and parole or probation.  You need competent, zealous representation to help guide you through the process and be your voice in court. Some common charges the Law Offices of Benjamin Cates defends against include:


Penal Code 211  Robbery

Penal Code 245  Assault

Penal Code 422  Criminal Threats

Penal Code 459  Burglary

Penal Code 273a  Child Endangerment

Penal Code 487  Grand Theft

Penal Code 488  Petty Theft

Penal Code 496  Receiving Stolen Property

Penal Code 148  Delaying/Obstruction of Justice

Penal Code 647f  Drunk in Public

Penal Code 647b  Solicitation of Prostitution


This list includes just some charges we defend against, but not all.  Call today for a free consultation.  We will discuss your charges, the possible consequences if convicted, along with strategies and defenses to get the best results for you.

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