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Criminal Defense in all areas including DUI , DMV, and Domestic Violence Defense.


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At Cates Law we offer individually tailored criminal defense services to those in need.  No two cases are the same and no two people are the same.  Each individual accused of a crime will be assessed and a game plan tailored to their specific needs.  I personally handle each matter.  You will not be handed off to a law clerk or paralegal to handle the complexities of your case.  Direct contact and communication is of the utmost importance to ensure successful outcomes for every individual targeted and prosecuted by the State








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Attorney Benjamin Cates represents clients in all felony and misdemeanor matters including alcohol and drug DUI’s, DUI’s with bodily injuries, Domestic Violence cases, Drug cases, Sex cases, and cases in every other area of the criminal defense realm. Mr. Cates has successfully represented defendants in thousands of matters, from the most clear-cut cases, to the extremely delicate and sensitive cases.

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