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Attorney, Benjamin Cates represents clients in all

felony and misdemeanor matters including :


Alcohol and Drug DUI’s

DUI’s with Bodily Injuries

Domestic Violence Cases

Drug Cases

Sex Cases

Assault & Battery

Criminal Threats

Other Criminal Charges


“Ben by far is the best Attorney I have hired. As a mom of a defendant he made me feel so comfortable through the whole process, he was honest and calm which is exactly what this nervous mother needed. He kept his word and explained every detail step by step through the process. The outcome was better than we imagined it would be. I thank God he was with us in the courtroom and would recommend him to anyone in our situation. Highly experienced and a top notch Attorney!"

"The best lawyer for our case. Mr. Cates is on top of his game! He was always there when we had questions. With his knowledge and experience we felt comfortable with him. Our family would highly recommend him."


“Benjamin is an excellent attorney. Resolved my case in less than a month. He took care of everything himself; not once did I have to make a court appearance. He is extremely friendly and very easy to talk to. He answers any questions you may have and explains everything very well. He got me the results I wanted and desperately needed. I was extremely satisfied with his services. Would definitely recommend."

Prosecutors and Law Enforcement have nearly unlimited resources and the full power of the government to use against you when you are accused of a felony or misdemeanor.




You are likely facing severe consequences such as prison or jail, a strike conviction for serious or violent crimes, and parole or probation.  You need competent, zealous representation to help guide you through the process and be your voice in court. Some common charges the Law Offices of Benjamin Cates defends against include:

Penal Code 211  Robbery

Penal Code 245  Assault

Penal Code 422  Criminal Threats

Penal Code 459  Burglary

Penal Code 273a  Child Endangerment

Penal Code 487  Grand Theft

Penal Code 488  Petty Theft

Penal Code 496  Receiving Stolen Property

Penal Code 148  Delaying/Obstruction of Justice

Penal Code 647f  Drunk in Public

Penal Code 647b  Solicitation of Prostitution

Penal Code 23152(a), 2315d(b), 2315d(e), 23152(f)  DUI Charges


This list includes some examples of charges we defend against, but it is not exhaustive.  Call for a complementary consultation and we will discuss your charges, the possible consequences if convicted, along with strategies and defenses to get you the best results.

"Ben did an amazing job on my case! He worked very hard with the DA and always answered my questions. He was very easy to get in contact with and always communicated with me throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend Ben to all of my family and friends." 
-Mike W


We can help you. 

There is a TEN DAY critical window.


Don't delay getting help.

When arrested for a DUI :

1. You will be charged with the crime of DUI in court. California Vehicle Code sections 23152(a) & 23152(b).

2. The DMV will automatically suspend your license if you do not request a hearing within TEN DAYS. If a hearing is requested within ten days, you will be granted a hearing to determine whether a license suspension will be imposed.

When you hire the Law Offices of Benjamin Cates, we will fight for your rights both in court and at the DMV. Gather evidence, including audio or video recordings, and be able to utilize this evidence to question all witnesses - including the arresting officer.


Mr. Cates  will personally handle your case in court and at the DMV. He has received numerous awards for his excellence in the area of defending those accused of DUI’s.


Many individuals are wrongly accused and charged with Domestic Violence crimes.  In recent years the amount of Domestic Violence arrests has risen exponentially due to changes in Domestic Violence policies within Police Departments.  In virtually all instances where officers are called out for a Domestic Violence investigation, the officers will choose a party to arrest.  This does not mean that an actual crime has been committed, or that the correct party has been arrested.  Some common Domestic Violence charges include:  

Penal Code 273.5 Corporal Injury to spouse or cohabitant

Penal Code 243(e)(1) Domestic Violence Battery

Penal Code 273.6 Violation of Restraining Order

Protect your freedom.

You have rights.

We are here to help you. 

"I was looking at three to five years for a felony DUI and Ben kept me out of jail! And got the charges dropped to a misdemeanor. He was very professional and answered all my questions and was always available. Look no where else Ben is the perfect lawyer to defend you!"
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